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23 July 2013 @ 09:39 pm
So I made this new community called placestolive because in the near future I am considering moving and the idea came to me after I talked with another tumblr-er about living in Seattle, and I thought I wish there was a place where I could go and find out what I wanted/needed to from the people that already live in a place I might like to live. So I created this community for people to share about their regions of the world, discuss the pros and cons, why the would consider moving somewhere else, or not ever leave place the they live. Either way I hope it turns out to be some fantastic and useful! So spread it around, tell and invite your friends, I've got 2 years to find a new place to live and I'd really like to be able to get some feedback from current citizens! Thanks!
Okay, I'm back, hopefully.

Since I last updated things have been great! The month started out pretty shaky but it has gone much better since then, and a lot has happened since the beginning of December:

1. I started my new job at The Baby Fold. I work with children that are ward's of the state, because their parents or guardians or relatives lost custody of them for various horrible reasons, abuse, neglect, dangerous environment in general, and unfortunately in some cases sexual abuse :( It breaks my heart, but at the same time they still possess qualities of all children and therefore you don't find it that difficult to be completely infuriated with them sometimes. Since they live in the Treatment Center 24/7 obviously they need supervision 24/7 so I work the 3rd shift from 11pm-9am, while they sleep. I do see them in the morning for about a couple hours before they leave for school, or before I leave but it's nice having the majority of my shift be relatively peaceful. I watch a lot of movies, and TV shows, and have time to get things done that I normally wouldn't while at work...

And let me back up for a moment to this: Disney Channel Original Movies. Who remembers those? I've been watching a few lately, and holy shit.. not only were these movies amazing, they wouldn't be caught dead airing on Disney these days. For one, they were super inappropriate for a G rating by today's standards. Wish Upon A Star, anyone remember that one, with Katherine Heigel (which I about shit my pants when I realized it was her) she dressed in belly shirts and mini skirts, and at one point her sister was the equivalent of a hooker, which was also verbalized by the principal. Um what? Someone not only dressed as a hooker, but was actually called one in a DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIE? I know, your mind is exploding right? Mine did. But the other thing that I enjoy so much about the pre-2006 types of DC originals is that THEY DIDN'T FUCKING SING EVERY GODDAMN LINE IN THE MOVIE! I was watching Teen Beach Movie, their newest one the other day which has basically been airing every day since June, and yeah obviously the character was written this way, but she even expressed that there is too much singing in their movies. If they have to make a joke about it, then clearly its a problem. I mean Disney has really done a great job in pigeonholing this whole "actor/singer/dancer" combo to the point that you won't find it anywhere else, but plastered obnoxiously all over Disney. I mean even the cartoons sing and dance all the time. It honestly makes me wish that I was 12 and could do all three of those things cause I could audition for Disney become famous and have probably retired by now..It's just irritating, and clearly screams "I'M AN AMERICAN COMPANY because I can monopolize something like multi-talented kids." So far I've watched Model Behavior (with JT…yes JT as in Justin Timberlake, but it was actually for the Wonderful World of Disney on ABC, so it didn't directly air on DC), Wish Upon A Star, and Susie Q. I will probably watch Motocrossed, Brink, Johnny Tsunami, Zenon, Smart House, Luck of the Irish, and maybe the Paper Brigade over the next few days/weeks of work but seriously, if you have not watched the movies since childhood, take a stroll on over to youtube and search for them because you will have your pants shocked off of you, fo real.

2. Hyundai is doing a spectacular deal on 2013 Elantra's because they need to get rid of them for the 2014's, but they were doing a $0 down, 72 month financing deal, so on Monday my friend and her brother took me over there to test drive one and it was amazing. I mean this is a pretty nice car, and for everything they were offering it was such a great deal but of course I didn't get approved because I've only worked at my job for a month, which my mom and I think is bullshit considering if you've only been at your job a month you'd be much less likely to leave than someone who has been there for a long time. The bad part about this though is that it has really increased my hunger for a car, and a new car at that. I had originally just planned on buying a used car and calling it a day, but honestly I think I'd rather try to get a new car. My friend's little brother is "the car guy" so I know he'll keep and eye out for me and everything but it just really sucked that I couldn't get that car, I just can't stand not having one for much longer and I wish I wouldn't have spent my money on going to San Diego and instead I might have had one already.

3. I worked A TON over the last few weeks, because I still had trainings and such to do and I made A LOT of money on my paycheck which, came a day early at that, so I can finally say that I am now debt free! I have paid off the remainder of what I owed for previous months payments and I have opened up a new savings account to help save for a car, and money for moving when I eventually get to that. I also might talk to our financial planner at The Baby Fold and see what they can do for me about trying to invest some of my money and therefore start having my money work for me, that way I can either move faster, or get a car faster or just have more money than I planned for!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I'll try to keep up on my updates and reading everyone's journals but our IT department has made our internet access super restrictive at work (yet we can watch videos on Youtube?.. I know right?) so I'll have to update when I'm at home unfortunately, and these days when I'm home all I do is sleep anyway :/ oh well! That's life!

04 December 2013 @ 10:43 pm
Okay, I'm just going to save myself the trouble right now an declare a Hiatus.
My stressed level just peeked back to college highs due to bills piling up from being unemployed :/ so basically no one is getting a Xmas present from me this year and IDGAF. so I shall return, maybe in the new year? Feel free to cut me if you wish.

08 January 2011 @ 10:40 pm
Friends only, ctba :)